From the light to the dark

We’ve had a busy 2 days! Friday we had some time in Puerto Rico’s second largest city of Ponce. The students got to experience what a plaza in Spanish-speaking countries is all about: music, vendors and lots of people! That particular day there was a health fair!

After spending time in the main part of the city, we headed up to the Castillo de Serralles. This “castle” was constructed in the 1930s and has been completely restored to its current museum state. Unfortunately we were able to take pictures inside, but we were able to take an almost full group picture from one of the balconies that has a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea. 

The castle wasn’t the highlight for the students this day though! This was also the night for the bioluminescent kayaking tour! If you are unfamiliar with this natural phenomenon, there are only 5 places in the world to experiences this; three of which are in Puerto Rico. Algae creates a glowing light at night that makes the water look like it’s glowing when provoked by movement. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend with the students, but they had a blast and told me all about it when they returned. 

Even though it was a late night, we were up and ready to go early in the morning to head to the caves! These were nothing like the caves back home that are usually cool. This particular cave was hot and humid! It was about an hour and a half trek round trip to go down and come back up. 

Today we are off to an hacienda, or a farm, to learn about the crops that grow in Puerto Rico, and tonight we have our farewell dinner! It’s been a great week, and it’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end!


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